Babes In The Wood

Babes In The Wood (2 CD)

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This is our 10th year performing, recording and writing together. There would be a major void in both of us without our music. The instruments, the stories, the arrangements, intermingle between us. Would that we had met earlier.

We’re as “folk” as it gets these days, still living out in the country, getting older, hopefully gracefully. Thus, BABES. And…we are both reaching deeper to find solace in our instruments. Thus, IN THE WOOD.

We have tried in all our recordings to leave room in the studio for spontaneity, and though we don’t always know what the result will be, there is always a sense that the design will unfold to our liking. Our thanks for this process goes to Randy Green, who provides a creative environment in his studio and shines as a producer.


Disc I

Canned Goods
The Heartland
I Like It Slow
Morning Star
Hallowed Ground
Pale Eyed Son
Born To Fly
Garden Wall
Holly Carol
Dream Maker

Disc II

Outside Lookin’In
Fertile Ground
Down In The Salley Gardens
Not So Long Ago
Cold Outside
The Gathering
Culloden’s Fancy
Savannah Sound



Greg Brown ©Hacklebarney Music

One of the most requested in our repertoire, this song conjures up memories in all who know what it is to can food from the garden…and eat it!

Vocals, Lap Dulcimer 158 capo 3, Celtic Harp

Let the wild winter winds bellow and blow
I’m as warm as a July tomato

Peaches on the shelf ‘taters in the bin
Supper’s ready, everybody come on in
Taste a little of the summer – X 3
My Grandma put it all in jars

Maybe you’re weary and you don’t give a damn but I bet ‘ya never tasted her
black berrry jam
She’s got magic in her, ‘ya know what I mean
She puts the sun & the rain in with her green beans
When I go to see my grandma I gain alot of weight
With her dear hand she gives me plate after plate
She cans the pickles, the sweet and the dill
She even cans the songs of the whippoorwill
And the mornin’ dew and the evenin’ moon
I gotta go and see my grandma real soon
‘Cuz these canned goods that ya buy in the store
They ain’t got the summer in em anymore

Theres a root cellar fruit cellar down below
Watch your head or down you go

But with the snow and the ecomony and everything
I’ll just stay in the cellar and eat until spring
And you bet, Grandma, as sure as your born
I’ll take some more tomatoes and a thunderstorm

L.K. Waldren/C. Kreitlow ©HWP Music

Revisiting places from our past often reveals their effect on our lives…and for us, how it colors the music.

Vocals, Lap Dulcimer 1485, Celtic Harp, Hammered Dulcimer

Show me a sign back in time…hidden but not forgotten
Let it reveal what is real…follow the river down to the field
Show me the houses, show me the trees
All that I am longing to see
For the great mountains are calling to me
Show me the place…each dear face…all that the past remembers
Gardens that grew…children too
Rabbits & chickens…bacca & brew
Some things are different – some are the same – some are laughter…some are pain
Time marches on like a soldier and then up from the past it comes courtin’ again.

Its a long way back home to the heartland
A long way back home
Long way back home to the heartland

What I recall most of all is lingering in the music
Rhythms to feel…hands and heels…callers & fiddles …waltzes and reels

“Dive for the Oyster” “Dig for the clam” steps to dance wherever I am
Hidden in part of the mountains I see…
The part of the mountains that’s hidden in me

L.K. Waldren ©HWP Music

For the relentless bird that calls out spring through fall, dusk till dawn, all night long, figured he deserved a song.

Vocals, Baritone Dulcimette 1588, Shaker

Not far from town – on higher ground
You’ll hear the sound – echo ‘round

Whippoorwill Whippoorwill
Don’t know why but he knows when
It’s time to sing again
Got no use for settin’ still on the hill – Whippoorwill

This evenin’ song – so loud and strong
Goes on & on – all night long
He can sing that same old song
From the setting of the sun to the breaking of the dawn
Spring or summer hear him call
But come the fall and winter…he’s gone

L.K. Waldren/C. Kreitlow ©HWP Music

Our Mississippi Riverboat adventure aboard the Julia Belle Swain gave way to a new song, a new tuning, and a new mindset.

Vocals, Baritone Lap Dulcimer 1485, Celtic Harp, Ashiko

Always the wheels are turning…quickly the minutes pass
Frantic the pace is burning…how did it get so fast?

But down on the river they’ve come to know
Down on the river – the pace is – slow

Back in the crowded spaces…the air is thick with dust
Amidst a thousand faces…nobody you can trust

But out on the river down by the pier
Out on the river…the mind is clear

Through the misty morning fog…the tugboat sounds its horn
The water rides the trailing wake, till it breaks – upon the shore
It’s raining – it’s pouring…The old man is snoring
Bumped his head…and he went to bed…and he couldn’t get up in
the morning…Rain rain go away come again some other day

Evening comes for every one with the night birds calling
Big Sandy Bars – millions of stars

I thought that maybe one day…I would find a way
But I’ll call my boss on Monday…tell ‘em I’m gonna stay
Here on the river I’ve come to know
On the river – I like it slow

Traditional Irish

First, we created “dawn” on our instruments. Then the ancient melody took the lead. With creative license, we added a major mode variation to the reel.

Hammered Dulcimer, Celtic Harp

L.K. Waldren ©HWP Music

Inspired by a conversation with Doug Miller, our fellow in music and director of Folklore Village, in Dodgeville, WI, this song speaks of a “sense of place”… encompassing more than just a respect for the land, but a deep, spiritual connection to it.

Vocals, Bass Dulcimette 1588, Celtic Harp

It’s not just a song, it’s a story to tell
One that I’m familiar with and one we both know well
We share a sense of place…a common thread
We know the highs and lows…the width and breadth

Now I lay me down…upon this hallowed ground

You sing me your songs … I’ll sing you mine
These conversations do not happen all the time
We could loose our step, but that’s aloud
Die a thousand deaths … and wonder how

Now I lay me down … upon this hallowed ground

A place I long to dwell
Where the waters pool and swell
Where thoughts can circle round and round
An everlasting tide, my weary soul inside
I long to lay me down upon this hallowed ground

L.K. Waldren ©HWP Music

Michael’s story is worth the telling…a kind young man whose spirit lingered long enough in the mountains to say goodbye. It took twenty years for his story to become a song.

Vocals, Baritone Lap Dulcimer 1588 capo 1, Celtic Harp, Wooden Flute

Born & raised in the southern mountains
To follow in his father’s footsteps
Feedin’ cows from a dwindling haystack
Ridin’ like a shotgun…on horseback
And the way he smiled like a fearless child

People said he was wild and foolish
“He never would amount to nothin’ ”
But they never saw him shining
Rising higher and climbing
In this pale-eyed son was a blessed one

Michael…where ya gonna run to
Oh what will become of you
Where are you goin’ to

Were you there when they told his mother
“So sorry but we bring sad tidings”
Did you hear his father shout
See the tears give way and the lights go out
Who will answer why their loved one died
Michael… …

Michael sleeps on the hallowed hillside
A dreamer on a pilgrim’s journey
He believed that the earth receives us
Dust to dust returning
Still I wonder why – were you born to fly?

Michael where did you run to
Oh what has become of you
Where are you going to

L.K. Waldren/C. Kreitlow ©HWP Music

This song mysteriously emerged from Pale Eyed Son as a counter-melody on the harp. It took flight, with a force and rhythm of it’s own. The fiddle’s counter melody came two hours before we recorded it – typical of how we work together.

Celtic Harp, Fiddle

L.K. Waldren/C. Kreitlow ©HWP Music

In this song the last word of one phrase becomes the beginning of another just as one season, one generation, ushers in the next.

Vocals, Baritone Lap Dulcimer 1588, Celtic Harp

See how the sun is shining today
Day after day…the mercury rises
I know that Spring is well on its way
Wayfaring winter is on the run, and Spring has come

And the birds are pairing up in the trees
Trees are budding
Rites of courtship danced in the breeze
Just over the garden wall

Walk down the garden pathway and see
See for yourself the yellows and greens of the earth
Early the fays are calling to me
Meet them with open eyes watch while they flutter by
Butterflies wing their way over the field

There is a place over the wall
Near to the flower beds
Close your eyes
Rest your head – sleep and dream under the moon

For the earth forms a magic circle for all all who listen
Answer back when you hear its call,
Just over the garden wall

Tulips and daffodils, iris and corralbells bloom
Roses and trumpet vines, gay-feather, columbine bloom
Each in their season grows over the garden wall

Jean Ritchie ©Geordie Music Publishing

The yearly cycle of the holly tree brings us closer to nature and the treasures found in each season. We adapted Jean’s original Christmas lyrics for year-round performing.

Vocals, Lap Dulcimer 158, Celtic Harp

In the spring of the year the little holly tree
With dark leaves thorny and small
She is neither so green as the beechen tree
Nor as the oak tree tall

Oh, the spring flowers spring and the little birds sing
Holly has nothing to say
For she quietly blossoms in the sweet may time
But her Joy joy joy
We share we say
Her Joy is a winter’s day

In the fall of the year the beech turns brown
The oak stands naked and bare
But Holly goes dancing through a snow white field
With crimson lights in her hair

Oh hard is her heart and bitter is her bark –
Cruel and sharp her thorn
But her berries red make our hearts all glad
On a cold and frosty morn


This French tune, from the playing of Grey Larsen and Andre Marchande, tells the story of a grover and a bountiful orange tree.

Lap Dulcimer 158, Celtic Harp, Hambone (body drum)

L.K. Waldren ©HWP Music

The imaginary friend…who put an end…to the boogieman under the bed.

Vocals, Baritone Lap Dulcimer 1598 capo 1, Celtic Harp

From my window in the night
A Haloed moon is shining bright
Warm breath fogs my window pane
And tired fingers write my name

As the Sandman sprinkles sleep into my eyes
The Dream Maker sings this lullabye

Close your eyes – & slumber deep
Far away lies a distant world
Where dreams are born
If you will come with me

Clouds become my trusty boat
Softly I set sail and float
I can journey where I may
And home is just a wish away

For my Dream Maker will bring me back again
As my dreams echo like laughter in the wind

Close your eyes, and slumber deep – far away lies a distant world
Where dreams are born if you will come with me

As the Sandman sprinkles sleep into my eyes
The Dream Maker sings this lullabye

Close your eyes and slumber deep
Far away lies a distant world
Where dreams are born if you will come with me

To a distant world where dreams are born
If you will come with me
If you will go with me
If you – will go to – sleep

L.K. Waldren ©HWP Music

We don’t often recognize miracles unless we are open to them. It’s almost like they are searching to find us.

Vocals, Baritone Lap Dulcimer 1588, Celtic Harp

There will come a time
When the road will rise up to meet us and greet us
But the road can’t separate the ties that bind us together

Round & round the seasons turning
On & on the road will wind
To see what miracles can find us

And as we pass this parting glass we’ll remember – each other
For we know not when or where the road will connect us or direct us


L.K. Waldren ©HWP Music

In a nutshell, it was a roller coaster ride being the daughter of my father.

Vocals, Baritone Dulcimette 1588, Guitar, Celtic Harp

Hands in his pocket, feeling down so low
Hey, don’t ya knock it you so & so
Read the bible, feed the soul
Climbing high on a mountain and down the other side again

Skies are grey now and I feel so old
Come gather round me I’m diggin’ for gold
Friend but friendless…out cold
Slidin’ down in a valley and up the other side again

I’m ridin up and down this merry-go-round
No matter where I go, I never feel at home
I’m riding up and down this merry-go-round
No matter where I’ve been, I’m always on the outside lookin’ in

Winds blowing round me now
Don’t ya feel it too

Who ever noticed whoever knew
Grass is greener, but far and few
Are scattered high on a mountain
Never really knowing you

Doug Miller

Doug Miller wrote this heartfelt song for his Kentucky grandmother, Lena Marshall.

Vocals, Baritone Lap Dulcimer 1588, Guitar

Grandma’s out in the garden soon as the hoe can break the sod
Out in the sun with a trust in God – In the circle of the seed
Planting time – a time to weed

Just work the topsoil
Don’t dig too far down
Leave a little bit to faith and work the fertile ground

The sun shines down and the soil rolls back
New shoot rises through the crack
Who could a thought it up like that
There’s a hand in every birth that knows just what the seed is worth

Stop your turning round and round Sit and think your world apart
Some things you just see with your heart
Take the seeds you want to grow and place your hand upon the hoe

Traditional Irish

A “salley” garden is a willow garden where the trees bend with the wind and filtered light shades the ground. The lyrics of this tune lament love lost.

Lap Dulcimer 158, Celtic Harp, Hammered Dulcimer

L.K. Waldren/C.Kreitlow ©HWP MUSIC

Like water, our journey through life follows a course, from one source to another, and back again.

Vocals, Baritone Lap Dulcimer 1588 capo 1, Guitar

Not so long ago I crossed the brook out in the meadow
And it called out to me- so loud and free
Into the world I came seeking my fortune and my name
And nothing ever did remain the same

Not so long ago I waded through the stream down in the valley
It’s water tasted sweet and cooled my feet
Through childhood I came with all its pleasures and its pain
And I knew that I would not remain the same

Didn’t the years fly – as they go by
In the daylight and the darkest night
Didn’t my life change right before my eyes as time drifted away

Not so long ago I swam the waters of the river
It flowed to the sea and it – pulled me
Encumbered as I crossed until my bitter cup was tossed
And in the rushing current it was lost

And as I’m growing old – I sail the endless waters of the ocean
My weathered ship is strong – my voyage long
And when the mighty tempests reel
My windworn sails and battered keel
I hold steadfast to the wheel

Doesn’t the time fly as it goes by
In the daylight and the darkest night
Don’t our lives change right before our eyes
As time drifts away

L.K. Waldren/C.Kreitlow ©HWP MUSIC

Two female scrooges, tongues in cheeks, holding out through the last desperate days of winter.

PS. This was just an exercise. We really do love winter.

Vocals, Baritone Lap dulcimer 1588 capo 1, Guitar

Shivering as I enter the dark days of winter
Batten the hatch till Springtime reappears
I feel so trapped up my freedom’s been snapped up – at this time of year

When it’s cold outside – the wind is blowin’
It’s so cold outside – and it’s snowin’
How could Old Man Winter be so bold – Oh – it’s cold – outside

Where is the pain reliever to cure cabin fever
And muffle the sound of snow plows in my ear
The agitation of light depravation At this time of year

When it’s cold outside – I start to worry
It’s so cold outside – so I’ll retire early
This is winter Ho Ho Ho – Oh it’s cold outside

I do feel better grumbling ‘bout the weather
Like that Geezer- Old Ebenezer…Scrooge
Why do I need a reason to censure the season
When my bones are freezin’

And it’s cold outside – where are my mittens
It’s so cold outside – don’t wanna be frostbitten
Mark my words I told you so – oh it’s cold

Needin’ rejuvination – a change of location
From the inclement skies that haunt me here
Time I was fleein’ to the warm Caribbean at this time of year

When it’s cold outside – aren’t things improvin’
It’s so cold outside…so long I best be movin’ on…

Life is short –it’s time to go– Oh it’s cold outside

Make time for cuddlin’…it’s cold outside…between the shovelin’

I’ve got ice dams on my roof I’m telling you the truth
It’s cold (summertime and the living is easy)

L.K. Waldren/C.Kreitlow ©HWP MUSIC

Besides heather on the hills, there are gazillions of sheep in the British Isles. New-world sheep shearers, with their boom boxes and rock and roll, may be a far cry from those of long ago, but they spend their wages the same.

Vocals, Lap Dulcimer 158, Guitar

Oh the heather on the mountainside is far to young to bear its bride
But underground the roots have wings – winter to spring
Just around the bend and down the road – to the shearing of the sheep we go
On the way you can hear us sing – from the town to the gathering

The weather is fine the grass is green – the gates are up the dogs are keen
Hear ‘em call “Away” “Come by” Spirits are high
The herd is thick with coats so fair – shearing leaves them clean & bare
Bind the bags with a hook and string – all is well at the gathering

The wool cannot be gathered while dew is on the ground
So the shearer works on while the day grows long
And drinks his fill till his money’s gone

Just around the bend and down the road
To the shearing of the sheep we go
On the way you can hear us sing
From the town to the ga–thering

Traditional Scots

A Caledonian (ancient Scottish) reel (to whirl) with a sweet melody and lots of energy.

Lap Dulcimer 1598 capo 1, Celtic Harp

Traditional English

This medley of three tunes, arranged back in the sixties by Peter, Paul & Mary, imprinted deep within our flower-child consciousness.

Vocals, Lap Dulcimer 158 capo 1, Celtic Harp

God bless the master of this house and the Mistress also
And all the little children that round the table go
The cattle in your stanchions the dog at your front door
And all that dwells within your house we wish you 10 times more

Soul- soul- soul cake – Please good Mrs. a soul cake
An apple – a pear – a plum or a cherry – Any good thing to make us all merry
One for Peter – 2 for Paul – 3 for Him who made us all

My coat is very dirty my shoes are very thin
But I’ve got a little pocket to put a penny in
If you haven’t got a penny a ha penny will do
If you haven’t got a ha penny then god bless you
Hey ho nobody home meat nor drink nor money have I none
Yet shall we be very merry

Go down into the cellar to see what you can find
If the barrels are not empty we hope you will be kind
We hope you will be kind with your apple and strawbear
For we won’t come Asoalin’ till this time next year

Soul – soul – soul cake – Please good Mrs. a soul cake
An apple – a pear – a plum or a cherry – Any good thing to make us all merry
One for Peter -2 for Paul – 3 for Him who made us all

Lyrics by Terri Dean Reynolds, music by Billy Cunningham

Off the coast of South Carolina lies a place where the water dances in the light and one can drift in harmony with the ocean.

Vocals, Lap Dulcimer 1588, Guitar

I see the water dancing in the light
I hear the morning sounds breaking through the night
Church songs rise like seabirds from an open door
Savannah On the Water while I sail near her shore Savannah Sound

I try to leave her in my mind she’s always near
I feel her salty breeze & her waters warm and clear
I try to keep her but she’ll always keep me more
Savannah on the water while I sail near her shore Savannah Sound

When I am older and my time is near I’ll tell
Lift me in a dory and place me on a swell
I’ll drift in harmony like I never did before
Savannah on the water while I sail near her shore Savannah Sound

L.K. Waldren/C.Kreitlow ©HWP MUSIC

It’s difficult to relinquish control, especially when it involves your own child. …Stepping out into the unknown…on her own / Mantra is a favorite in our vocal workshops. There is no better way to hold onto a dream than to sing about it!

Vocals, Lap Dulcimer 1+ fret 158, Guitar, Celtic Harp,
Fiddle, Ashiko, Shaker

Windows are open
Night encloses every word that’s spoken
I am so tired I’m weak

Homesick and distant
The child in me so lost is remiscent now
Canyons are wide and sleep

But I have made my choice today
No one can take my dream away
What’s all the chitter chatter
Why does it really matter how

Just as the wind blows, eyes come peering through the darkened windows
They are surrounding me
Follow their faces, see them hiding in their sorted places
Am I surrendering

Nothing to keep I come free with all the gifts inside of me
I hear the whispered voices saying “The only choice is now”

Time to rise up higher, time to dream my dream
Oh to know the reason, Ah to let it be
High on a mountain far as the eye can see
Gonna rest my weary bones and gather what I need
Breathe easy, breathe free
All across the desert far across the sea