Door County Notes – Pianoscapes

Door County Notes РPianoscapes (Music Book)

Holly Brook and Jan Mangin, Holly’s piano teacher, have enjoyed a musical relationship for the past 11 years. Jan is a private piano teacher in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. Holly became her piano student when she was six. In the autumn of 2000, the idea for “Door County Notes – Pianoscapes” was born. By combining their individual composition styles, this imaginative collection, ranging from whimsy to romance, is intended to be a way of connecting to this very special place called Door County, Wisconsin through the piano.


Of Stars
Cherry Pickin’ Time
Ancient Fences On Fields of Green
Tale of The Linda E
Gnomes of Bobbie McCurty
Smokehouse Cat
Waltz of the Waves
Won’t ‘Cha Dance with Me?
Door Jam…Piano Solo
Door Jam…One Piano
Four Hands
Of Gulls and Dunes