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Katie & Candace’s signature album features 17 vocals & instrumentals. This rich collection brings lush arrangements of traditional pieces, contemporary covers by Archie Fisher, Lorraine Duisit Kate Wolfe, Phil Ochs, Bill Staines, Cheryl Wheeler, & plenty of our own sparkling new originals. Liner notes for each song are in the CD as well as a lyric sheet for this 73-minute album. We are pleased to again feature the stunning artwork of Julie Sutter Blair for our CD cover. Instruments include: Celtic Harp, lap & hammered dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, & wooden flute.

Produced by Randy Green.

Candace Eileen Kreitlow: celtic harp, guitar, 4-string lap dulcimer, indian flute
Katie L aRayeWaldren: hammered dulcimer, 3&4 string lap dulcimer

All songs arranged by Heartwood

Additional arrangement input by
Randy Green and Diane Michaels: didgeridoo, Wedding Dress
Jeff Eckels: bass, The Presence, Song Of The Wood and The Wind
Heartwood & Randy Green: Nightsong
Holly Hafermann: harmonies, Circle of Love and 75 Septembers
John Kircher: gong, Song Of The Wood


Wedding Dress / The Wise Maid
The Presence
Night Song
Dancing In A Mist
Song Of The Wood / Near To The Forest
Circle Of Love
Two Paths
Shady Grove
Give Yourself To Love
Si Beag is Si Mor
The Wind
75 Septembers
Autumn’s Chase
Circadian Hymn
From The Looking Glass / Reflections


1. Wedding Dress / The Wise Maid

(traditional Irish) Guitar, digeriedoo, lap dulcimer, vocals / fiddle, guitar.

Well, my little doney girl don’t you guess
Better be knitting your wedding dress
Wedding dress, wedding dress
Better be knitting your wedding dress
Well, it’s already made trimmed in brown
Stitched all around with golden crown……..
Stitched all around with a golden crown
Well, it’s already made trimmed in red
Held together with golden thread……..
Held together with golden thread
Well, it’s already made trimmed in green
Prettiest thing you’ve ever seen……..
Prettiest thing you’ve ever seen
Well, it’s already made trimmed in blue
I am going to marry you………..
I am going to marry you
Well, it’s already made trimmed in white
Gonna be married next Saturday night……..
Gonna be married next Saturday night
Well, she won’t say yes, she won’t say no
All she do is sit and sew ………
All she do is sit and sew
(Repeat 1st Verse)

End: White, red, green, brown or blue……….. I am going to marry you

2. The Presence

Music by Archie Fischer, lyrics by Stewart MacGregor, Kettle Music Scotland, MCPS. Lap dulcimer, Celtic harp, bass, vocals.

This song was shared with me by Brian Dalton, ballad singer from Orpington, England.

It was out in the long spring grass, she said when the night was soft on the hill
He touched my ear with his voice, she said and my blood ran sweet and chill
Oh I laugh in my sleep at their jibes, she said for they call me Old Maid stillI have seen them sprinkled weaned and loved, the young girls fondled and wed
And I’ve watched their dreams grow as gray as the hair that the limping sheep dog sheds
But mine are as green as the tall pines that lean by Lochearnhead
Oh, he never came back to my father’s byre but on an April night
When the moon sits fat on a scudding cloud and the stars are quick & white
I have known his clutch like a cloak of fire his limbs like swords of light
Oh my eyes are wet by the fire, she said But not with lust or shame
I mourn no shepherd laid low on the hill I weep in the starry flame
With the joy of what I can never lose but what I dare not name

3. Nightsong

Lorraine Duisit © 1985, Strange News Music, BMI. Vocals.

One in a tree calling to another in a tree calling out to me
What did you leave behind What did you show
What will you need to take with you when you go– When you go
What will you take when you go
One in the grass calling to another in the grass calling out to me
What are the questions you will ask
What did you wonder when you passed –when you passed
What did you wonder when you passed.
Nightsong -in the grove at sundown hear the nightsong
Nightsong- see the meadow in the evening seek the nightsong
Nightsong -In the darkness find the sound hear the nightsong
One the the night calling to another in the night calling out to me
How to pull straight from the heart
How to continue how to start – How to start – How to continue how to start

4. Dancing In A Mist

Candace Kreitlow & LK Waldren, © 1997. Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, finger cymbals.

Composed on a morning when the mist was covering the the mountain and beginning to swirl up into the air.

5. Song Of The Wood

LK Waldren © 1996 / Near To The Forest C.Kreitlow © 1996. Lap dulcimer, Celtic harp, bass, vocals / lap dulcimer, Celtic harp.

This song was inspired from a Latin phrase that hangs over our dulcimer
builder, Tom Fellenbaum’s workshop in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

It reads: (latin: translation:)
Viva fvi in silvis svm I was alive in the woods
Dvra occisa secvri I was cut down by a cruel ax
Dvm vixi tacvi When I lived I was silent
Mortva dulce cano In Death I sing sweetly

It is a particular type of Latin poem, a hexameter (6 words) and a pentameter (5 words). Together they create elegiac – the standard meter for an epitaph or in this case, an appropriate inscription for a musical instrument. (Per Jim Mc Kewn- Classics Department at UW Madison)

I was alive in the woods- Older & taller than others I stood
Long were the days that my roots filled the ground
And by a cruel ax was my body cut down
I was alive in the woods- Faithful I grew but silent I stood
Now has my body been taken from me
For the birth of the wood is the death of the tree
The wind -played a song as it rustled my leaves
The birds sang along when they nested in me
And my branches felt rhythm from rain as it fell
The earth gave her blessing the sun tolled like a bell
When I was alive in the woods – Faithful I grew but silent I stood
My body surrendered my spirit set free
For the song of the wood now sings sweetly through me

6. Circle Of Love

Candace Kreitlow © 1996. Lap dulcimer, Celtic harp, fiddle, vocals.

I awoke in the middle of the night, in the midst of a hot flash with the melody and first line about snow. Important people in my life have encircled me with love, knowledge and experiences. These “gifts” have helped carry me through hard times. Writing the song helped lift me out of the “toilet.”

Memories of wintertime, walks in the snow
Dad in the lead, I’d step deep in his footprints
Mom there beside me to help me along
Deep in a circle of love ….In a circle of love…. Deep in a circle of love
Cast on a shoreline in summertime fun
Lost in the mansions of my imagination
Then from the window I’d feel the warm glance
Delight in the circle of love….In a circle of love…In a circle of love
Out in the world to explore on my own
Still holding on to the circle of home
There at the edge of adventures unknown
Remember the circle of love
In times of confusion and flurry of mind
I try to hold on as I struggle to climb
Out of a chasm of sorrow and pain
Yearning to be in that circle again and again……
Then from the shadows a glimmer, a sign
The light of a lingering memory reminds me
That deep in my center is where I define
My own inner circle of love…In a circle of love…My own inner circle of love
Deep in the heart lies mysterious gold
It can rekindle and it can unfold
Then with our eyes we can mirror the glow
And share in a circle of love
As we grow older and scatter apart
Each with a treasure of love in our heart
Learn to pass on and continue the art
By building a circle of love….A circle of love……A circle of love
Building a circle of love a circle of love…..We’re building a circle of love

7. Two Paths

LK Waldren © 1992. Lap dulcimer, Celtic harp, vocals.

Written for Katie’s own wedding, also sung at Candy’s…..and many more since then.

Today two paths have Converged in the wood
Their courses have wandered as far as they should
And the wind that blows ’round them serves not to confound them
It bids them well
The road is marked at each turn of the bend
The end is the journey –the journey the end
And any confusion is just an illusion
Seize the day, come what may
The only footprints left to see are scattered far behind
And they remain for those who will reflect on their design-over time
The line is cast and the mainsail is set
The voyage begins with no need for regret
In grateful devotion the path you have chosen becomes a part of mine

8. Shady Grove

(traditional) Lap dulcimer, guitar, Celtic harp, vocals.

A familiar tune for many, Shady Grove was meant to be played on the lap dulcimer. Shady Grove is what we call an “Appalachianized British Isles” tune. This version, about a young man who falls in love with a sweet little mountain girl is a far cry from the brutal story of its English predecessor, Matthy Groves.

Cheeks as red as a bloomin’ rose
Eyes of the deepest brown
You’re the darling of my heart
Stay till the sun goes down
Shady Grove my little love Shady grove I know
Shady Grove My little love Bound for the shady Grove
First Time I saw Shady grove
She’s standin’ in the door
Shoes and stockings in her hands
Little bare feet on the floor
Shady Grove My little love Shady Grove I say
Shady Grove My little love Don’t wait ’till judgment day
Wish I had a big fine horse and corn to feed him on
Pretty little girl to stay a home and feed him when I’m gone
Peaches in the Summertime Apples in the fall
If I can’t have the girl I love
I won’t have none at all
Shady Grove my little love Shady Grove My darling
Shady Grove My little love – Goin back to Harlan
Wish I had a banjo string made of golden twine
And every tune I’d pick on it is “Wish That Girl Were Mine”

9. Give Yourself to Love

Kate Wolf © 19 Another Sundown Pub 415-488-0772. Lap dulcimer, guitar, vocals.

Written as a wedding song for one of her friends, it became one of her most beloved and popular. Kate Wolf born 1-27-42 died of leukemia September 1986.

Good friends all gathered round
There’s something I would say
What brings us together here has blessed us all today,
Love has made a circle that holds us all inside
Strangers are as family and loneliness can’t hide
You must give yourself to love, if love is what you’re after
Open up your hearts to the tears and the laughter
And give yourself to love, give yourself to love
I’ve walked these mountains in the rain I’ve learned to love the wind
I’ve been up before the sunrise to watch the day begin
I always knew I’d find you, though I never did know how
Like sunshine on a cloudy day you stand before me now
Love is born in fire, it’s planted like a seed
Love can’t give you everything, But it gives you what you need
Love comes when you’re ready, love comes when you’re afraid
It’ll be your greatest teacher, the best friend you have made

10. Unchained Melody / Shebegas Shemore

Music by Alex North, lyrics by Hy Zaret, © 1955 Frank Music Corp. ASCAP
(traditional) Celtic harp, Hammered Dulcimer.

One of Turlough O’Carolan’s (1670 – 1738) first compositions written for two warring fairy nations. We linked the tune to “Unchained Melody” and often perform it for many weddings.

11. Changes

Phil Ochs © 1964 Barricade Music, ASCAP . Lap dulcimer, Celtic harp, vocals.

In September 1996, Heartwood had the honor of performing at a memorial concert for Phil Ochs organized his sister Sonny Ochs, WERN, and The Madison Folk Society. This was the song that we chose.

Sit by my side come as close as the air
Share in my memory of grey & wander in my words
And Dream about the pictures that I play–of changes
Green leaves of summer turn red in the fall
Too brown & too yellow they fade & then they have to die
Trapped within the circle time parade of changes
Scenes of my young years were warm in my mind
Visions of shadows that shine – Till one day I returned
And found they were the victims of the vines –of changesThe world spinning madly it drifts in the dark
Swings through a hollow of haze- A race around the stars
A journey through the universe ablaze– with changes
Moments of magic will glow in the night=20
All fears of the forest are gone -But when the morning breaks
They’re swept away by golden drops of dawn–of changes
Passions will pine to a strange melody
As fires will sometimes burn cold – Like petals in the wind
We’re puppets to the silver strings of souls– of changes
Your tears will be trembling now we’re somewhere else
One last cup of wine we will pour & I’ll kiss you one more time
And leave you on the rolling river shore– of changes

12. The Wind

LK Waldren & C Kreitlow © 1997. Lap dulcimer, Celtic harp, bass, vocals.

On June 8, 1984, not far from where we live in the driftless area of Wisconsin, the town of Barneveld experienced the devastation of a tornado that left 9 people dead and a 13 mile path of destruction. Several other smaller twisters touched down in neighboring areas, pulling hundred-year-old oaks from the ground and creating debris that, if one looks, can still be seen today. There was little warning for those that slept as the tornado hit just after midnight.

Yesterday a gentle breeze, cooled my working brow……
Once again the night comes calling with the whippoorwill
The day is fading and the earth lies waiting as the sun sets on the hill
On the ridge the trees start dancing as the wind begins to blow
Bowing, bending to a bitter ending with a partner they don’t know
Chorus 1:
There’s a wind out tonight — Feel its sting feel its bite
In a voice strong & true — hear it call out to you
It may never give up– It may never give in
If it’s determined to win—tonight
On its wing the monsoon brings the seasons to our door
And the mighty ships upon the ocean waves can ride the trades to distant
Like a lamb or with a mighty vengeance in its mercy or its wrath
Such a vain deceptor with no respect for any victim in its path
Yesterday, a gentle breeze – cooled my working brow
But beware the angry air – and what it can confound
Chorus 2
There’s no reason to stay – so it’s running away
Pushing on to the end – taking flight once again
And it sweeps from the sky – with its power and might
What is fixed in its sites – tonight

13. River

Bill Staines © 1978 Mineral River Music / BMI (not performed in its entirety). Guitar, fiddle, Celtic harp, vocals.

I was born in the path of the winter wind
Where the hills and the valleys are old
Their springtime waters came dancing down
I remember the tales they told
The whistling ways of my younger days
Too quickly have faded on by
But all of their memories linger on
Like the light in a fading sky
River take me along in your sunshine
Sing me your song
Ever moving & winding & free
You rolling old river – you changing old river
Let’s you and me river run down to the sea
I’ve heard all the songs that the children sing
And listened to love’s melodies
I’ve felt my own music within me rise
Like the wind in the autumn trees
So here’s to the rainbow that followed me here
And here’s to the friends that I know
And here’s to the song that’s within me now
I will sing it where ere’ I go

14. 75 Septembers

Cheryl Wheeler © 1992 Amachrist Music, ASCAP / Penrod & Higgins. Guitar, lap dulcimer, vocals.

Amachrist Music granted permission to adapt words ever so slightly to could “Mid-westernize” this song. I’m happy to say that my dad’s boyhood farm has not been turned into 4-lanes.

In the year of the yellow cab, in the shadow of the great world war
The third kid Grandmom had, came into this world
(The first kid grandma had, came into this world)
On a rollin farm in Maryland when Wilson was the President
(On a rollin farm in our Midwest……..)
And summer blew a goodbye through the trees
A child of changin times growin up between the wars
The fords rolled off the line, the bars all closed their doors.
And I imagine you back then, with snap brim hat & a farmers tan
Where horses drew their wagons through the fields
Now the fields are all four lanes & the moons not just a name
Are you more amazed at how things change or how they stay the same
And do you sit here on this porch & wonder how the time flies by
Or does it seem to barely creep along
75 Septembers come & gone
Were the fields all golden fawn, was the spring house dark & cool
Did the rooster crow at dawn when they woke you up for school
(Did you milk the cows at dawn, before you went to school)
And would you tell me once again the tales of Grand Dad’s hired men
And how they drove the old dirt road to town

15. Autumn’s Chase

LK Waldren © 1997. Hammered dulcimer, Celtic harp

16. Circadian Hymn

LK Waldren © 1995. Lap dulcimer, Celtic harp, vocals.

In the morning hours I ponder
As my spirit soars & wanders
In these still & silent pauses
Life remains a mystery
Love reveals it’s greater treasure
Never vain or insincere
Even fear & desperation
Seem to fade & disappear
As the eventide increases
Light grows dim & labor ceases
Must my restless will be broken
For the weary mind to rest
Evening shadows grow together
Darkness lulls the soul to sleep
In the morning I’ll awaken
From the constance of the deep

17. From The Looking Glass / Reflections

LK Waldren © 1997
Lap dulcimer, Celtic harp,Hammered dulcimer, vocals.

A song written for friendship.

If I ever think I cannot be
The person that I see in me
You gather up the truth again
Hush my fears and then begin
Tying all the endless threads together
Chorus 1:
Then from the looking glass and through
You see me and I see you
Did you ever think you’d fit into
My life the way you do
Through all the tears tomorrow holds
And changes as we both grow old
I know that we are here to weave
Patterns in our tapestries
Weaving all the endless threads together
Chorus 2:
And from the looking glass and through
You see me & I see you
Did you ever think I’d fit into your life the way I do